Ian Bradley

'Coffin roads' along which bodies were carried for burial are a marked feature of the landscape of the Scottish Highlands and islands – many are now popular walking and cycling routes. This book journeys along eight coffin roads to discover and explore the distinctive traditions, beliefs and practices around dying, death and mourning in the communities which created and used them.

The result is a fascinating snapshot into place and culture. After more than a century when death was very much a taboo subject, this book argues that aspects of the distinctive West Highland and Hebridean way of death and approach to dying and mourning may have something helpful and important to offer to us today.

Ian Bradley is Emeritus Professor of Cultural and Spiritual History at the University of St Andrews. He is a Trustee of the Scottish Pilgrim Routes and has been closely involved with the Fife Pilgrim Way since its conception. He is the author of  The Fife Pilgrim Way (Birlinn, 2019).

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